"Ein herr hat der buetel  Andere herr hat der gelt"
       — Emil Schmidt


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   Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Leg Down
Ah! the national stage amusing;
Actors at hilarious play.
B'dad! their dealings—from bemusing
Through to black, but mostly gray!
A case! that last administration;
Three personae worth a glance,
(Though they were no aberration)
All involving errant pants.
Chairing health committees furtive,
Dressed and coiffured to the nines;
Chuckles came at trails contourtive
Oh! those vicious panty lines!
High placed ladies who would order
Each behavior for our health,
Ought abjure the bum-with-border
Rather, plump for bloomer'd stealth.
Hubby, sadly, fared not better;
Here be trews' satyric ilk.
Penchant there to loose their fetter,
Beet root pushing at the silk!
Well filled suits look presidential
Coats and pants the leader shows.
In the oval residential
Problem was, to keep them closed.
Back is Berger, John advising;
Comes the camera! Suits to choose!
And, a paper trail is rising
Aaack! he must fill more than shoes!
Stops to eye the Zegna trouser;
"Silk-and-wool hangs, like a dream!
Stylish cut, as you'll allow, sir
Either leg will hold a ream."
Take a memo to the archive!
Bring back fifty, sixty more!
Formulate your best bizarre jive;
Draped but lumpy—out the door!
Next trip, sport the Turkish shalvar;
Roomy! baggy! tightly sashed.
Whisk right by the short 'n' tall bar,
Half the warehouse neatly cached.
Files in shirts and socks and trousers
Tell me sir, was there a hat?
Surely George needs better mousers,
'Strewth! the bag was in the cat!
It was all so "inadvertent"
"Feeble," "foolish," great "mistake."
Would an innocence so blurtant
Deign to dance the Kerry shake?
Ah! the national stage amusing
Drives the news and varied rants.
Who then parses proofs confusing?
Who then after scandal pants?

   posted by Stephen at 10:24 PM | Plink

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