"Ein herr hat der buetel  Andere herr hat der gelt"
       — Emil Schmidt


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   Wednesday, March 05, 2003


OK, now for some fun. The other day, Lileks™ remarked that he never worked in an office that didn't have computers. The pup. This makes the very short history of the Blogosphere all the more remarkable and something to celebrate. This style was de rigueur in the 1890s. You can even sing it in march time if you bring your own tune. Think concertina.

    Sing Ho!

Come, hear me friend, I’ll spin ye yarns of voyages, toil and treasure.
Here's treasure more profound than gold—use any rule to measure.
Mayhap ye've stumbled on this map not seeing blogs, before now
(Fat chance o' that). Well, come along, we'll go explore their know-how.

The Blogosphere*, the wild frontier
Bill Quick, he named it at New Year!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

Of all the writers here below, a good one getting my clicks,
A site with heart 'n style 'n show; from Jasperwood, J. Lileks!
Go read the Backfence, pointed Screeds, and Bleat-ing unrelented.
See matchbooks, cards, and GNAT! E-lilektronically presented.

Past glories needn't rot in piles,
With culture scanned in a billion files!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

He gave the 'sphere "high gear" between his Law Reviews and classes,
With time for grading, TCS, and après-lecture gasses.
Prof's got a band, "GR"-dot-com, his blogroll—wotta finder(!),
With Instapundit Heh, indeed more iron than Minderbinder.

Next year: "Do have legal grief?
Click PayPal—download learn-ed brief!"
Sing Heh! for the Blogosphere!

A serious man this engineer who daily dares our thinking.
Good practice from a mind that works, effects with causes linking.
Which of us couldn't reasoning raise by taking Den Beste's trouble?
And please accept our thanks for daily portraiture by Hubble.

As engineers have said for long;
"You can’t go wrong if you go strong!"
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

Susanna keeps her eye on you (reporters who may read this)
Old times are gone—fact checking's here, take warning then ye heedless.
She shows the way, more read each day, when slanting newsies try us,
They're honing for a 'media bris': Shweeet—damn! She's cut your bias!

Reporting too long in a rut?
Hey, tell it straight or take a cut,
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

This peerless news-and-comment blog is quarterbacked by Johnson,
For Mideast news and MEMRI texts, a blogospheric stanchion.
See funny quotes from Arafish and latest merde from Chirac,
Plus pleasing site design from who? The little ball that kicks back.

He posted one at five past ten,
Three hundred comments followed then!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

Sit down with dogs! Get expertise! Try reading this compiler.
You wanna see 'em really bleed? Make friends with the Rottweiler.
Hey pal, you gotta beef with US? You'll soon be shedding more tears,
Clue-batted, Fisked, and skewered by Emperor Misha and his courtiers.

Where royalty is merit, raised
And idiotarians roast well braised!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

This man is Strine, not "rine in spine," a true-blue .au cobber.
His wit 'tis dry; they're dacked and flat before they know they're clobbered.
He's far ahead of all—to Lileks' appellation borrow,
Where Blogger Blair is posting it's already now tomorrow.

News from the land of Kangaroo.
Say what? He’s smarter than me (and you?).
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

ShsssssSh ShsssssSh ShsssssSh ShsssssSh …

"Links! Fer th' luv a' Jaysus!"
"Hits, fa da lova Murray!"
"No more blogs, for the love o' Mike!"
"Oh lots more blogs yet, dear boy."
"Where are they?"
"On the other side of the record!" **

Shhssssssss …

With this here site we’re laughing now, not harder since The Onion.
The style is droll, dead on the point with pith, like Damon Runyon.
Scott Ott sees odder sides of things, as cubists do at easels,
And in our lexicon has placed a charming cast of weasels.

Are ve not za Veezels Ja?
Oui! Nous sommes Weasels commes ça!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

With mordant wit (a Lileks bit) and stylish cynicism,
When contradiction's out there Stephen Green will spot the schism.
He blogged all night and half a day, live coverage last election.
To Edit BlogNews MegaSite he'd be a hot selection.

No haec, but hock and lots of hics
When comment's called a drink—you clicks!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

R. Lucas rants on war, and dogs, celeb asshats, and history
(If she be Schulz's "red-haired girl" 't would clear up that old mystery).
She’s oh so—wait now! This just in—she’s gone off on sabbatical.
Well ace your tests! Come back to write more rants piquant and brat-ical.

Down Texas way they grow 'em big!
I’m meaning wit and wisdom, dig?
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

Reminding us; 'look up and out' is transterrestrial musing
From Rand, who writes of various subjects serious and amusing.
Of Space, a love and background, here are tales designed to lure us
With essays nicely grounded (whilst his eye is on Arcturus).

Here's a guy who shows the worth
In soaring past 'Green Hills Of Earth'
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

Three folks outside their boxes blogging now as Silflay Hraka
Are 'W', 'K', and Bigwig (keep the title, but 'tain't caca).
There's writing fine 'n beer divine, for more just use your mouse ta
Click out to pleasing essays by three jacks of weblog Owsla.

Run in circles, scream and shout
The wild hares you’ve all heard about!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

Eject! When you have had your fill of cowardice, fear and croaking.
Eject! To answer those who'd give your sense of life a choking.
Eject! And hit the silk to where the best in us is lauded.
Bill's clear, and present enemy of fortitude defrauded.

Flying thrice the speed of sound,
Bold essays, 'round the 'sphere, resound!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

Read countless more, read Acidman, duToit, duToit, and Stryker.
Read Rantburg, Volokhs, M-J-T, Michele—one L (I like her).
Blogs blogging news, providing views, dammed information breaking,
For all the world a link-side seat; 'tis history in the making.

Click there, click anywhere, click here,
Read free, (and honor volunteer$)
$ing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

For a thousand blogs, more, I've forgone to place in this invention;
To keep this pace at scansion I'd not live to spend my pension.
And anyhow, you've surely learned Diminishing Marginal Utility,
Know also, excess late night rhyme pre-empts recourse'd virility!

Rhyming good or scansion bad,
The treasure is knowledge to be had.
As Lippmann long ago observed,
Free press debate means Truth is served!
Sing Go!
Sing Now!
Sing Heh!
Sing Wow!
Sing Ho! for the Blogosphere!

* This chorus updated 6/2/03, to reflect a recently learned reality.
** Interlude reprised (i.e. stolen outright) from Ray Noble’s Turkish Delight (1936)

   posted by Stephen at 6:35 AM | Plink

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