"Ein herr hat der buetel  Andere herr hat der gelt"
       — Emil Schmidt


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   Thursday, February 27, 2003


I found this posted at Cut On The Bias, by the redoubtable Susanna. She sez:

"There's just too much there to take point by point - the easiest thing to do is count how many clichés and liberal lies someone managed to fit into one short and admittedly catchy poem.

How many did you find?"


Feeling the Pinch

(Being a reply to something unusable for Menudo but nonetheless, tripe.)

A message from "Whoville" has come to our view,
We hoped for surprises, but found nothing new.
The usual cant: "the election he stole,"
He did not—but the digging keeps on in that hole.
Bush leads all the country, it’s not a "regime,"
And you’re not a slave, your idea's extreme!

He listens to all, not addicted to polls.
He makes himself clear and he"s not playing roles.
His heart works just fine and his manner is free,
(Be honest, bring facts then, if you don’t agree).
He’s picked good advisors, a well informed crew,
And, all things considered, he's smarter than you.

In times of great turmoil, yes, this is great news,
Finally—a government protecting its "Whos."
And yes, we do work, but don’t shrug as you say,
'Cause most saw whole meaning that September day.
We shop where we will and we watch T.V. too,
Drive out in our cars, all the same as you do.

Elite is your mouth—we are watching D.C.,
We are quite well aware of new threats to the free.
We read all the papers, (they’re not monolithic),
The radio, cable, and Blogs, are terrific!
To blame corporations is pacifist balm,
What answer have you to one nut with The Bomb?

Some Corps. do grow fatter (the old running dogs),
Needless fat sold to eaters whose arteries clog.
One just sold for millions, with profits "obscene"
I cite Ben & Jerry’s—pray, whom do you mean?
You haven’t yet cornered the ideals of this nation,
And may one ask just what you call "information?"

For math left undone, and on facts where you’re hazy,
The problem, for one thing, is maybe you’re lazy.
Whole knowledge on oil? Well, you must do your part,
Try Lundberg or NYMEX reports, for a start.
The data is there, if both sides you would tell,
(Wireless-Search from your Homeland Security cell?).

What you think is a "roar" is collectivist shrieking,
Where A.N.S.W.E.R. type folks are new novices seeking.
It’s happened before, e.g. Berkeley town,
Where the "movement" was hijacked by Savio's clowns.
Petition, dissent—both your duty and Right!
But know the full import and worth of your fight.

You've signed your petition called "Not in our name,"
But consider a moment what IS in your name.
While your "new awakening" worries today,
You court THEIR disaster, for some other day.
The black, brown and white, the gay, bi- and the straight
Have been murdered before. Again feed them to hate?

Start looking to weapons if they want a war,
Start supporting the "rich"; they employ the "poor."
Start telling the truth 'bout Sierra Club please,
Start with pics of their regional meeting's RVs.
Start saving your own kids from marketing flacks.
Start returning those paper-rich Enviro-packs.

Start admitting consuming, we all know you do it,
And "warming" has Sunspots and Ice Cycles to it.
It's Saddam who is killing the kids in Iraq,
And the ACLU helps those dealers of crack.
Indeed, a sound's rising and starting to grow
For old socialist, pacifist values to go.

We're a country where Christian and Muslim and Jew,
Can live on in peace—they must, and they do.
The American dream is producing the wealth,
That is funding the needs for community health.
Our rivers and forests are cleaner today,
Damn straight we’ll survive, just get out of the way.

Who decides when consumption's excessive and mindless?
Do sharpen your mind, to know better your blindness.
Is it you there, or you? Central planning's the worst,
Every time it is tried several millions die cursed.
The ideas and acts of lone women and men
Make our system work fine—they know best what and when.

Yea, gather you all from the ends of the Earth,
(Of gas for your flight, and your cars, not a dearth).
Put hearts all together—wait a bit on your minds,
Your whole shabby secret lies there, you will find.
If there's any requirement or burden you’ll shrink
From, it's bearing the weight of all humans to think.

From history and forward the standard of wealth,
Always merit—deny it, forthright or with stealth.
Pipe dreams of utopia spring from your feelings,
And too many lives from their owners you're stealing.
You'll only achieve it at point of a gun,
(And it’s some other guy gets your dirty work done).

Your tale merely pits just the "Grinches 'gainst Whos"
A fairyland tale; lack of thought to excuse.
The real dilemma is freedom 'gainst force.
First principles! Far above feeling, of course.
To the morally bankrupt, sound argument pinches.
Who are the Whos, now, and who are the Grinches?

   posted by Stephen at 10:28 PM | Plink

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